Lost in a Quatrain

a collection of poetry spanning 18 years

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I remember how anxious you were

to be free

of the placenta

kicking and pushing

trying to expand your world

and always when I settled down for a rest

as if urging me

to get up and rock you

with the motions of my daily routine

you loved your father even then

lulled by the sound of his voice

you'd grow quiet

as he ever so gently

stroked my bulging tummy and you

then we'd both drift off to sleep


Curtain of night

pinned with stars

crickets serenading a dancing breeze

Water wafting wilfully

on slime-smoothed stones

singing songs of appease

A lilting song

picking pirouetting petals

from fragrant frangipani trees

Intoxicated spirit

quietly redolent of the Highest Call

Enamoured Soul on its knees!


Cape Town 1990

I rode the train to work today,

my first day on the job.

Friends offered to kindly show me,

a quick way to get to town.

"Nie man! Kom hier!"

they said, grabbing me by the wrist.

"You can't go there!"

they said, pointing to a sign that read:

"Whites Only / Slegs Blankes"!

So they pulled me away, from the pristine

first compartment,

to the broken down

"Third Class"!

I rode the church to work today,

the Pastor dancing up and down the isle.

The congregation packed liked sardines,

on torn seats, others holding fast

from falling out open doors,

while we clickety clacked along...

The people smiled and applauded,

as his words whistled through missing teeth.

But more than that, he made us forget,

the degradation of our skin!


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"5 STARS: When you truly reflect on life, you come up with such creations. I like the way Adiela (Akoo) has weaved simple poetic stories out of the complex strings of life in which humans remain entangled. From social to soul exploration, all has been done and depicted neatly in this poetic beauty. As a poet, I especially relate to the poetry style that is made very understandable, yet churned out of an ocean’s depth."
(review:Lost in a Quatrain)



book launch

18 August 2018

at Brindhavan's 40th

Anniversary Dinner

book signing

 26 October 2018 

10:30 AM - 2:00 PM 

 Victoria Country Club

(Cancer Fundraising Event)


on 13 November 2018

in The South African House of Parliament 

''A whipping tongue scathingly lashes

a false sense of power

failing to reflect that a tongue portrays

the character of its possessor!"

Whiplash From Lost in a Quatrain

poem of the day

14 January 2019

Pre Natal from Lost in a Quatrain

nominated Poem of the Day

on PoemHunter.com

radio interview

8 February 2019  20h30


Radio Al Ansaar

coined a phrase

13 February 2019

People have often questioned me 

about the title of my book: 

Lost in a Quatrain

 happens to be the title

of a poem in the book

that explores the thoughts

that reading a good quatrain

of poetry may trigger.

So, to be Lost in a Quatrain

is the state of being

deep in thought, contemplative


Sunday 3 March 2019


Saturday 4 May 2019 ​ 

18h30  DJC Function Room

 Zee TV Miss India South Africa

International Pageant

 (A memorable birthday) 


May 2019


My new poem "a scent on a breeze"

is included in the renaissance anthology

published by Nightingale and Sparrow

in Pennsylvania, USA

Launched on 1 June 2019


Another milestone sees the poem

"Cape Town 1990"

from Lost is a Quatrain being included in the historic South African Apartheid anthology

'Twenty-Five Years of Freedom

6 June 2019


 "REDOLENT" is a finalist in a poetry contest and included in the Nature Anthology

by Rui M Publishing


 27 April 2019

"As You Perceive"

is translated into Turkish by Turkish poet and Atlihan Hotel chain owner, Hanifi Kaplan 

July 2019

Approached by the editor of of SUFI magazine, a monthly publication in Bangladesh, to have my poetry translated into Bangla and published.

 "As You Perceive" appears in the August  issue 


August 2019

As You Perceive wins 

Poetry in my Mind Poem Contest

As the winner, I had to choose the topic for the next contest and chose


to shed added light on the plight of the planet.

How Long? is a poem about global warming, oceans at risk, deforestation and the desire for peace on our planet

book signing

6 - 8 September 2019

9am - 5 pm

Royal Show Grounds H8 - 31

Poetry in the Garden


 20-27 October 2019


In a collaboration with over 20  authors from around the world, Lost in a Quatrain was part of a

Mega Book Giveaway 


11 November 2019


The Siver Star Award

from the Global Literary Society

for contribution to world literature

17 November 2019


Cover Contest 2019


December 2019

The first merchandise of personalised quote mugs arrived at the beginning of this month 

TOP 10 LISTS 2019

December 2019 

Lost in a Quatrain is included in the following annual lists

 Author Lee Hall's "Awesome Indie Books I Have Read This Year" List

Nadaness in Motion's Top Books of 2019

All Author December Cover Contest Finalist: Lost in a Quatrain finishes in the Top Ten from around 300 entrants


For any inquiries, please contact Adiela Akoo:

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Lost in a Quatrain by Adiela Akoo
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